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POWER means different things to different people. However, in the context of personal development, living with Power means the ability to take on challenges we want to win but feel uncertain about, to create opportunities that we love but may seem out of reach, and to live life largely on our terms.

There are three core components that bring Power to us.

The first component is People. Either to face our biggest challenges or to grab the most exciting opportunities, we need the support of People. A helping hand can come from a family member, colleague, friend, relative, or even a shy neighbour. The stronger the bond we can create with people around us, the more power can flow to us.

The second component of the Power equation is Bravery. When a challenge or an opportunity knocks on our door, we need to be ready for them. It means having the courage to take the risks, developing a deeper understanding of the challenges, and bringing the skills, focus, and effort needed to outsmart them. Building your Bravery quotient brings that power to you.

The third component is Luck. As much as we like to control our own lives, there are powers beyond our control. For some, this is a bitter truth while for others, it could be liberation. When we can't explain why something happened, good or bad, we call it luck (or fate). The more luck we have, the better and bigger success we tend to find. The religious among us tend to believe that God influences our luck, while the rest tend to be indifferent towards it. Whatever our beliefs may be, we cannot deny or ignore the role luck plays in our lives.

Why Power Journal? A quick tour...

Apply The Conscious Luck Framework

Start creating amazing opportunities every day by practising the 3 superpowers of the Conscious Luck Framework.

Develop a PowerSkill Each Week

Channelise your energies on building one Power skill like Leadership, Courage, Kindness, and Creativity, every week. 

100 Day Domino Habit Tracker

Leverage the Domino Effect and make it hard to break the habit of journaling using the scientifically designed 100-Day Tracker.

Mega Month Maker

Plan your month by identifying monthly milestones, goals across 6 life areas and 3 big habits you want to build over 30 days.

Smart 2 in 1 Planner & Trackers

Each monthly, weekly and daily page not only helps you Plan but also Track the most important goals and habits and grow every day.

14 Winning Week Builders

Start each week planning for the week ahead and end the week identifying the wins & lessons you learn.

84 Lucky Day Creators

Spend 5 minutes every day building the 3 SuperPowers that are critical for your long-term success and happiness. 

7D Power Planners

The 7 different planners help you gather the ideas for goals, habits, and connections even before you start using the journal.

When you order the 5 Minute Power Journal, you will be commited to develop a powerful habit of Journaling.

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Master Your Luck Masterclass

Master Your Luck is my best creation which teaches all you need to know about the Conscious Luck Framework and dives deeper into the 3 SuperPowers it helps you build.

This bonus course will help you dive deeper into the concepts and make the most of the Journal get.

In this On-Demand Course, you get to learn

The 3 Laws of Luck and the 3 Pillars of Conscious Luck Framework that you need to build.

How to build a strong perception of being lucky using an evidence-based approach that works.

How to analyse & group the people you need the most into 3 pillar circles and enhance mutual value.

How to build the creator's mindset to enhance your impact and grow faster in all areas of life.

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How to Make Your Dream Job Find You

Most people will do whatever it takes to find and attract their dream job but what if you can take the smarter, extremely powerful approach?

If that interests you then this extensive MasterClass is for you. It will dissect the challenges you are facing today and what is the one thing you need to attract your dream job search for you.

In this On-Demand Course, you get to learn

Learn the 3 big challenges that is affecting consultants and professionals in 2022

Understand how to build yourself as a "Trusted Brand" and position yourself to be desirable for your dream companies

Uncover the Strategy and the Tool you need to represent it online and showcase it to prospects at every opportunity

What would be the best and easiest and fastest way to implement the strategy to start seeing the results?

If you are a consultant or a professional or have someone at home, this may be the course they need the most.

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The LuckHack Book

A picture says a 1000 words but what if that picture is representing a contrarian idea or a life concept? Must be a million words, I guess. Now, what if there is a digital book that encapsulates the best of such ideas in an interesting, intriguing manner which makes you think? I share over 10+ concepts represented visually for you to pause, think and maybe make an important choice.

The digital eBook has concepts like,

What dating can teach you about selling

What Change Leadership looks like at its inception

The Moral of Neeraj Sharma's Gold Medal Story

The 3 Layers of Communication for every Entrepreneur

And there is much more. If you are a visual person who loves new ideas, this Bonus is a must.

FREE GIFT #4 (₹2200 Value)

The 9-Step Superfan Journey

Keven Kelly, a noted thinker says, you need 1000 superfans for a sustainable business. But he doesn't say, how to create them and what steps they take. If you ever want to build a business, a product, or a community around your passion or a cause, you need to create an army of Superfans. If you are thinking of it, this eBook would be extremely useful.

In this Digital Book you will learn..

What are the 9 stages a stranger takes from being a visitor to a Superfan?

What is the focus of your prospect at each stage of the journey and how to satisfy them?

What can you expect from them at each stage and win their trust?

There is nothing like this on the whole wide web. For an aspiring Personal or Business brand, this is an indispensable resource.

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- By Harish Marnad